A-Place-of-Healing-herbsWhile building their family together, Amiee and Dr. Solomon were careful to keep harmful chemicals and toxins away from their growing boys.  They started working together on a variety of herbal remedies to keep themselves and loved ones as healthy as they could.  Through the years they have blended innovation and tradition to come up with their unique blends for everyday health and wellness. 
Some of the products we have developed over the years are our balms.  Used topically to help relieve common complaints, they are easy to use, each with their individual scent.
Unstuff Breathe Better Balm helps with stuffy noses and chest congestion 
GoodNight Balm helps you to get to sleep at night
Unstoppable Muscle Balm helps ease sore muscles after a busy or stressful day

Our remedies are made with positive intention, knowledge, care and a desire to help others.  All products are made with organic ingredients like honey,beeswax,berries &herbs. No petroleum distillates (yep, that’s crude oil) or chemicals are used in our products. Use our products with confidence knowing that they are safe even for young children. Take a look at our affordable product line, place an order & decide for yourself if Love is a Way of Life products work for you.